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    Designing places to live is what residential architects do. Housing developments require a well-designed interior that can evoke positive feelings and make people feel at home. One way to achieve this is to decorate one’s house in a way that reflects one’s individuality and sense of style, be it through the arrangement of furniture, the choice of wall colors and accessories, or the use of lighting and airflow. A project in interior design may involve creating a brand-new layout for an entirely different room, overhauling an existing one, or doing some combination of the two. A house designer’s duties extend beyond selecting furniture and wall colors. This can be done by adjusting where the windows are placed, how much emphasis is placed on invention, and how bright the room is lit. So, make your dream home interiors with Pink Ivory, one of the top residential interior design firms. Our emphasis is placed on making their homes comfortable and inviting.

    Residential and Commercial Interior Design

    Residential interior design in Bangalore for homes and businesses are two fascinating fields in the design industry, each having its character and function. Residential design aims to create living spaces well-suited to the needs, preferences, and lifestyles of those who will inhabit those spaces. It’s all about imbuing every detail of a room with significance, from the furniture to the paint. For a home to be comfortable and practical for its inhabitants, its layout must be well thought out.

    On the other hand, business interior design is a complex balancing act between practical needs and the need to portray a company’s image accurately. Here, the emphasis moves to designing productive, ergonomic environments consistent with a brand’s values. Safety regulations must be met, and materials must be long-lasting in heavily used areas. Whether it’s an inviting workplace that inspires innovation or a memorable shopping experience, commercial design demonstrates how aesthetic choices can transform not only physical locations but also the lives of their inhabitants. Both residential and commercial interior design are examples of this dynamic interplay between the private and the public spheres, as they demonstrate the skill of taking a blank canvas and making it into a welcoming, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing area.

    Our Residential Interior Design Excellence

    Scope of Residential Interior Design

    • Bangalore is home to several residential interior design firms specializing in creating beautiful spaces for homes of all shapes and sizes.
    • Being one of the top interior design firms, we provide customized design services to meet the needs of each individual customer.

    Diverse Design Approaches

    • We can develop both modern and contemporary and environmentally friendly interior designs.
    • When designing a home, unlike a business facility, the kitchen, baths, bedrooms, and entertainment centers are all designed around the needs of the residents.

    Emphasis on Functionality and Aesthetics

    • Creating family-friendly, practical, and aesthetically pleasing spaces is the main goal of residential interior design in Bangalore.
    • The needs of all household members, including children, are considered during the design process.

    Personalization and Comfort

    • Our designers work to put our clients at ease by including furniture and other elements that are representative of the client’s personality and hobbies.
    • Every good home decor project aims to make the homeowners feel comfortable and at home.

    Versatility in Styles

    • We help homeowners to choose from various interior design aesthetics to meet their needs, wants, and budgets.
    • You can create the ideal home atmosphere by selecting from various design concepts.

    Only the finest design for your kitchen

    What Makes Us Unique?

    Customer Focus

    At Pink Ivory, we’ve made it our mission to put the consumer first. We take a highly individualized approach to design, tailoring each solution to each client’s personality and taste. Our solutions are tailored to your unique needs and preferences, making them more than just aesthetically pleasing.


    Each team member is a seasoned professional with extensive knowledge in their specialty. Our expertise, insight, and originality guarantee that every solution we propose is thoroughly thought out and expertly executed.


    Experienced in both residential and business interior design, Pink Ivory takes pride in its multidisciplinary staff’s ability to suit any need you may have. Because of the breadth of our expertise, we can tackle any number of design problems with panache.

    Author's Supervision

    The author ensures that all processes are carried out to the highest standards of quality and accuracy. Our designs are guaranteed to convert into reality without a hitch thanks to our rigorous governance and conformance methods, which the author oversees to ensure the highest quality standards are met at every stage.

    About Pink Ivory

    With more than two decades of experience and a slew of accolades, Pink Ivory has become one of the leading residential interior design firms in Bangalore. We have worked on residential and commercial interior design to delight our 100+ pleased customers. We specialize in making places both practical and aesthetically pleasing through our dedication to individualized design solutions and our network of offices across the country. Pink Ivory is dedicated to more than interior design; we create unforgettable moments that raise the bar for our industry.
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    Pink Ivory’s 20+ years in the industry, many award-winning designs, portfolio of 100+ happy customers, and dedication to providing individualized and cutting-edge interior solutions set them apart.

    Regarding interior design, Pink Ivory covers whether you need help at home or in the workplace.

    The time it takes and how much money it costs to complete a project are variables. During our first meeting, we will discuss the cost and timing in great detail.

    First, we take into account the wants and demands of our patrons. Because we work closely with our clients throughout the design process, we can guarantee that the final product meets or exceeds their expectations.

    The popularity of pink ivory stems from the fact that it can be used in a wide range of settings and design eras.

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